Monday, 12 December 2016


This is another delayed fall post, but I couldn't help it. Here are some fall reading essentials, aka things that are necessary for a good read during a cozy time,  where you feel like just curling up in your bed or a cozy nook and just reading. Oh, the feels. Let's get into the essentials.

First up, some fuzzy and warm clothes. When I say clothes, I mean to emphasise on a jacket/sweater and socks. Because trust me, they are the coziest. But don't overdo it, because you don't want to feel too hot and let that ruin your cozy day.

Next, you need a string of fairy lights, a bookshelf or stack of other books, a blanket and lots of pillows - aka, a reading haven. This could be any cozy nook by the window, your bed, a closet - whatever - but the things you need for the haven are mentioned above. I'd recommend keeping close to your shelf, but if not then keep other books beside you stay motivated.

This next thing is optional, but I'd recommend it a lot, and that is a fall playlist to help you sink into the scene better. I'd recommend keeping action, romance and sentimental soundtracks from movies so you can match it to the scene you're reading - but if you prefer silence, go for it!

You're also going to need a drink and a snack. This is definitely an essential. I like to keep a bottle of water to stay hydrated and with that I'll take hot chocolate, green tea, juice or even tea or coffee sometimes. I'll pair that with some nuts usually, because they don't make a mess and are also healthy, so find something like that. (Almonds sharpen your brain).

And the last thing you're going to need is a good, cozy book. You can check out my Cozy Book Recommendations post here. Enjoy your reads!


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