Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Hi guys! So today I'm going to be reviewing Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I've mentioned this book before on this blog in my Cozy Day Reads post. However, I didn't get a chance to review it until now, when I read it again. And let me just say, this book kicks ass. 

It's about a girl called Cath, who is a freshman with a senior roommate called Reagan, who has a boyfriend called Levi. Before coming to college, Cath usually was really close to her twin, Wren, but since college, Wren wanted to be independent and wanted to be social, while Cath wanted to lock herself in her room and write and read. Overall, it's about Cath's addiction to the Simon Snow series (basically the Harry Potter in Fangirl), her love story, her fiction writing class, her family problems, roommate problems and her overall shyness. 

First of all, this was my second time reading it and I still enjoyed it a lot, and had all the feelings I had the first time, if not more. Fangirl is another really relatable book. I loved it to the core. I flew through in one day, and I've never been so sad to finish a book before. It filled me with joy and happiness. For a few general feelings, if you are a reader and writer or anything close to that, (even if you're just a shy kid) you will find this to be super relatable. 

The best thing I like is how I was able to relate to the book. Here are some of the reasons I found the book so relatable: When I entered middle school, I was entering the 'dirty' phase of life - and you know exactly what I mean by 'dirty' - and I was so confused about stuff - you know exactly what I mean by 'stuff' - so I had to google everything up. Apparently, Cath and Wren had to do that to because their mother had abandoned them. Secondly, I myself am a writer and reader, and I totally understood Cath's struggles, and in that way, I felt so close to Cath. Like me, Cath is not social, and she can't handle a conversation with strangers - neither can I. 

Other than that, it is also a cutesy romance novel. There is no love triangle (phew!) and I absolutely enjoyed the love story - it made me giggle and laugh and made me so excited at times that I started jumping and squealing. The romance is perfectly blended in with the rest of the storyline so you can't be bored with it - nothing drags on for too long - it's a perfect blend. I love it!

I would recommend this if you're looking for a good contemporary - highly recommended if you're in a mourning period. It's a perfect door to the world of contemporary novels. The writing style, the plot, the characters is amazing and relatable, so definitely pick it up. And if you don't like it, don't read it further. But do give it a try up till at least fifty pages. 

Rating: 5/5 stars
Characters: 5/5 stars
Plot: 5/5 stars 
Writing Style: 5/5 stars
Funny: AF 
Romance: Adorable


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