Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Hi everyone! So today I thought I'd share this new thing with you guys. So I am writing a book. For now I've simply planned it. I plan to write in the upcoming holidays if I find time. But I know that this time, I will do it, and I am very determined to. I'm going to try and write as much as I can whenever I can, but I will write it. 

I haven't fixed a writing schedule as of yet, and I am still deepening the plot. I've discussed it with a few people, and have had some suggestions. My friend Capebella has recommended some great edits and we have finally decided that we are going to co-write the book. It's going to be a two-in-one form, and we're going to move chapter by chapter - as in - one chapter of my story, one chapter of hers. We've been outlining and discussing the title, the cover, everything over face time, and so far I think we've come along quite well. 

Writing, I've discovered is a really fun thing to do. I feel so free, being able to control everything, and experience the experience of the writer as I read the books. This makes me sound like a very cruel person, but I promise I'm not. Anyway - writing is fun AF. I've fallen in love with it. Even though I'm just at the beginning of everything. 

I decided that since this is my first novel, I'm going to document everything and my feelings and everything I do, so I can look back later and pick out mistakes and laugh at myself. For now I'll just stare at the screen and write and be proud. As of this day, I have written a draft of the first chapter, so today, is the day I have started writing. 

Thanks for sticking with me and reading, I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you are a writer, big or small, comment down below with a #relatable. I know writing is hard, but it is fun. 'There is no success without failure.' I'm Carleton, and I'll keep updating you on the go. Bye! 


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