Sunday, 11 December 2016


Hey everyone! So today I wanted to touch a topic that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and that is positivity. So lately, I have set myself the task of being positive. Basically, I want myself to think positive about everything. If something bad happens, I want to think about at least one good affect it has on someone or something.
Allow me to explain with an example. If I walk into a club, see a handsome new boy I’ve never seen before, I can do either of the following things: a) ignore him and compare him to myself. Or b) go and greet him and tell him how handsome he is. Usually, I would choose option (a) without hesitation, but my mission is to always choose the positive option, which in this case is option (b).
If your alarm clock doesn’t wake you up on time, instead of shouting at it, go out and admire the great morning weather outside. If your maths teacher sucks at math, think of what would happen if there was no maths teacher. If you lose a competition against someone, instead of talking absolute trash about him and scowling at him all the time, go up and ask him for tips and tell him he really deserved it.
I feel like if we’re not positive and if we don’t think positively of everything, there is no point in having things or using them if you’re going to always point out flaws instead of highlighting the strengths. Think of it as a leaflet. A leaflet will never tell you what the product is bad at, it will always tell you what it is good at. Think of it like you’re advertising that person to your brain. Tell your brain what that person seems good at, not what its bad it.

I would want you all, who are reading, to set this your goal as well. Strive not for victory, for perfection, for awesomeness, strive for positivity. Spread good in the world. We may not be able to finish evil, but we can spread good. So my point is this: Stop complaining and start smiling. 


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