Sunday, 11 December 2016


Okay. Let me just get this out there before I start. I don’t mean for this to sound as cliche as it does, but this is in all honesty and based on true experience. So today I’m talking about harassment, especially in school.
As a thin, weak boy I was bullied around a lot for a number of reasons (my voice was squeamish, my legs were rickety, and I walked sloppily). But you know what? I went through that. There are a few things I have learnt on my journey.
First of all, let it out. You need to have one person you can talk to, whom you trust – even if that person is you. Talk to that person – if you have no one, then go ahead lock yourself in the bathroom, cry and cry and cry, and cry until you have no more tears to shed. Think and think and think until your brain is empty. Go to a remote place and just shout and yell and let it all out. Hit wall and random things and let it all out. It really helps to calm your nerves.
Second, accept yourself. Believe in yourself. I accepted myself. I accepted the fact that I couldn’t force myself to thicken my voice, to walk straight. If you don’t accept yourself, no one else will. Learn to love yourself. If you don’t like what you are doing, then learn to love it or get rid of it. I couldn’t get rid of it, so I began loving it. Believe that you are better than them. Believe that you can get through it.
Third, stop reacting. And I know what you’re thinking, because that was what I thought when youtubers told me that, you are thinking: My school is too bad to be so kind hearted. Trust me. It’s not about your school, it’s about psychology. They won’t even realise it, and neither will you. I’d recommend making a catchphrase that you say every time someone makes fun of you. I used to say So funny I can’t. Even. Breathe. And I made it my job to say that instead of reacting. And slowly, without realising it, they got used to saying that and knew they couldn’t hurt me with words anymore. If people catch that you get annoyed with something, they are going to do it over and over again. So don’t show your weakness. Don’t react.
And finally, stay around people like you. People who’ve had your struggles – even if that means reading books or watching movies with characters facing the struggles you’re facing – even listening to inspirational music can help a lot. Because it’s always better to have support and remember – if you have no one else to depend on – I’m always here.

“Knowing you believe in me, means that I am not alone.”

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