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Hello everyone! So today I'm back with a Gift Giving guide. I know I should have done this back when Christmas was around the corner, but the ideas only struck me now. However, this is not particularly a Christmas gift guide, but a gift guide in general, for any days like birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. I'm a very big expert a gift giving and crafting, so I sought fit to make this post. I also really love making things for people, which plays a part in my typing speed right now. 

I don't know if you've guessed by now, but I am a cheap person. So when it comes to giving gifts and presents, I like to keep one rule under consideration: You keep the relationship, but also keep the money. Meaning that you don't spend too much money, but still give a good enough gift to make the person happy. 

So when it comes down to getting the gifts, you have many options. You can make gifts, give them money or food, buy them something, take them out, etc. In this post, I'm going to explore the perviously mentioned ideas. 

1. DIY

Step 1: Analyse what they love
This can be done in many different ways. First and foremost, if you're a close friend, you already know what they love. If you don't go ahead and stalk their Facebook likes, Twitter following, and their Instagram wall. 

Step 2: Think of the easiest related DIY
First of all, think of whatever you can. If you can't, then go to Pinterest, Youtube or Bloglovin and search up the topic. You'll some easy DIY. Now get ready for crafting. 

Step 3. Find everything you can
When I say 'everything', I mean all the DIY material you can find lying around in your house. Trust me, you're going to need this in Step 4.

Step 4. Start Building
This is where you start putting your gift together. Follow your instructions to create your crafty masterpiece. Once you're done with that, you need to think about wrapping everything up now, because you want to get to wherever this gift will go on time. So next, if its a solid thing, wrap it up in wrapping paper and use tape to hold it down. If it's wobbly, but it in a box and stuff the sides with crumpled tissues. If you want to, you can wrap the box up too, which would be recommended. 

2. Money 

Step 1. Analyse what they like
Again, if you already know this, then go ahead, if you don't stalk 'em on social media to find something they really want. 

Step 2. Configure how much
Go to amazon and find the cheapest version of that object (if its very expensive) and then round that price to the nearest ten. Then add 50 into the price and you're golden. 

3. Food

Step 1. Analyse what they like
Again, if you know, go for the plunge, if you don't stalk 'em. Check Instagram first, because people usually post food pictures over there. 

Step 2. Buy it
On your way, grab something they like from a local store. This should preferably be some kind of junk food, like chips and chocolates in large amounts, because who doesn't love those? This is probably the easiest gift. 

Step 3. Decorate
The last thing is to obviously decorate that food so it looks presentable like a present. I put mine in a basket and filled it with mason jars and chips and chocolates. 

3. Buy Them Something

Step 1. Analyse what they like
And for the last time, if you know it already, skip to the next step and if you don't, stalk them on social media. 

Step 2. Buy the thing
On your way to the party/whatever, grab if from a store of whatever is convenient and will sell what they like (try to check if they have that thing online before-hand). A lot of stores have the option to wrap it up for you, so do that or buy wrapping paper and tape and then wrap it up and you're done. 

4. Take Them Out

Step 1. Analyse what they like
I'm not even going to say it this time. Please refer to previous methods. 

Step 2. Call them
Call them before - hand and set up a time, then take them out for whatever you think they like - meal or shopping or whatever - maybe a walk or picnic? A trip to the wilderness or WHATEVER you think they'll enjoy. Again, make sure whatever you do is cheap but still good. 

And that is all I have for you guys today. Hope you guys got some quick ideas. I'll be sure to do a gift ideas video next time Christmas comes around, because this was just a Gift Guide. And yeah, that is all for today, and I'll see you guys next time. Bye! 


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